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Ranger Up Soldiers' Angels Red Friday T-Shirt

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Ranger Up is proud to create the official Soldiers’ Angels RED FRIDAY T-Shirt. For those of you that don’t know, RED Friday stands for Remember Everyone Deployed Friday. For several years now, Soldiers’ Angels has been quietly driving a trend to get all troop supporters to show their support for those in harm’s way by wearing a Red shirt every Friday.

In the last year, however, Soldiers’ Angels has decided to make it a larger campaign. We’ve already created a women’s shirt, which you can see at the bottom of the screen, but they needed a men’s shirt as well. They were so happy with the result that when they were afforded the opportunity to feature Soldiers’ Angels on “How I Met Your Mother”, they showed these shirts to the producers and they were immediately included in an episode to be aired soon!

The shirt features the Soldiers’ Angels logo incorporated into the words RED FRIDAY on the front and the Soldiers’ Angels motto “May No Soldier Walk Alone”, a fitting tribute to those that are deployed.

As with all shirts we design for Soldiers’ Angels, 20% of SALES go to the organization to help our deployed troops and returning veterans.

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