Quick Help


Q. Do I have to pay with credit card? Can I pay by Personal check or money order?

A. We do not accept personal checks or Money orders, we apologize for the inconvenience this may cause.

Q. My credit card was declined, but the "charge" is showing on my credit card. What happened?

A. If your order was declined during the checkout process you may see what looks like a "charge" to your card if checking your statement online or by phone.

PLEASE NOTE: YOU HAVE NOT BEEN CHARGED. The "charge" appearing on your card is called a pending hold. Pending holds come about because banks and credit card companies hold funds for online transactions while they verify information in order to determine whether or not to approve the transaction.  If the transaction was declined by your bank or your credit card company,  the hold will come off your statement in accordance with the policies established by your bank or credit card company. If you have any questions about when the hold will come off, please contact your bank or credit card company directly.

PLEASE NOTE: You may receive an error message in the checkout process if your billing information is not exactly how your bank/credit company has it on file. The message will say AVS Mis-match: The billing address provided does not match the billing address on file with your credit company. If this happens, use the edit button to edit the billing information you entered previously so that it matches exactly the information your bank or credit company has on file. Please note that information entered after your billing information such as promotional codes, online store credits, gift card IDs, etc., may have to be re-entered.


Q. The t-shirt color or  design color is not the same color tint as my computer monitor!

A. We try our best to make the colors of our designs and garments as accurate as possible, unfortunately each computer monitor has a different calibration and color variations will occur.

Q. Why doesn't (Brand A) fit like (Brand B)?

A. Please note that all brands do not always fit alike. Each brand has it's own cutting board that may vary from brand to brand and size to size.



Autographed items or memorabilia bought at MMA Overload can not be returned. Some items may list a size for items such as shirts. The size can not be guaranteed and the closest size will be shipped since it is meant for collecting. Autographed gloves and fight worn items are not meant to be worn. If looking for fighting or sparring gloves please feel free to contact one of our representatives with any questions at 830-643-0400