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Slastix are a major component of many of our products. Buy it as a replacement part, or mix and match handles, harnesses, and cuffs to create your own workout equipment.

Slastix® technology represents a monumental leap forward in elastic tubing, one of the fundamental components of many performance training products. Slastix, a technology created, developed, manufactured, and patented by Stroops®, is now used by thousands of professional athletes in every major sports organization in the US and around the world. 

In fact, in the years since it was developed, Slastix bands are now used in:

  • physical therapy
  • on playgrounds
  • in training gyms
  • yoga and pilates studios
  • and people’s home gyms.

Unlike typical elastic tubing, which can snap back and cause serious injury, Slastix® tubing has a protective fabric sleeve that eliminates not only the risk of injury, it makes the band virtually indestructible by protecting against UV damage, wear-and-tear, and overstretching. 

Stroops Engineering

Adding Ingenuity to an already Ingenious Invention

Stroops has taken Slastix technology and created ingenious “wear while you play” training and performance tools that have literally changed the way professionals train. For example, elite athletes wear the Cobra Pro™— a single Slastix band that attaches from a shoulder harness to two hand straps—and still have full freedom of movement while engaging in virtually any upper-body sports-specific drill or playing their sport. 

The effects are dramatic: athletes gain more strength, power, flexibility, agility, and greater speed than simply performing drills or practicing their sport without the Cobra Pro. 

It is this ingenuity and advanced engineering that sets Stroops apart fromany other performance training company in the world. By using virtually any Stroops product, you’ll experience for yourself how the extraordinary ingenuity of Stroops can make you a stronger, more powerful, agile, and faster athlete.

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